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Dr. Will Puente offers a different type of Online Mediator. His non-lawyer background helps merge Academic Theories to pragmatism on how two parties can truly come out of a legal situation with a Win-Win through an online mediation. Dr. Puente believes that there should be a serious push for understanding, which creates a solution through concentration of Emotional Intelligence.


He has had plenty of online mediations which have been successful, and he is confident in his ability to produce results. His Online Family Mediation package, which relies on full payment upon a successful Mediated Agreement, is very unique to his style of low cost divorce mediations. The Family Med-Arb is another one of his unique packages which works on helping the parties save thousands in legal fees. 

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Mediation Services

Image by Jonathan Borba

Online Family Mediation

Online Family Mediations. If successful, $500/side. If unsuccessful, $200/side

4 hr

Image by Scott Graham

Online Family Mediation WITH Divorce Filing

Online Family Mediation with all necessary attorney filings. $1,500/ side

4 hr

Judge Writing

Family Mediation-Arbitration


Med-Arb services for Family Matters. Pricing upon case analysis.

4 hr

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Online Civil Mediation

Online Civil Mediations. If successful, $500/side. If unsuccessful, $200/side

4 hr

Image by Trinity Nguyen

Real Estate Mediation

Mediations for any Real Estate matters. $250/side.

2 hr

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